Camp Al-Hilal


Address: Camp Ozanam 7303 Walker Rd, Carsonville MI 48419 Details About a 2 hour drive from Southeast Michigan
Each group has its own cabin. Within each cabin, there are several bunk beds on which campers sleep.
All meat served at the Camp will be Zabiha. This is to satisfy the needs of all campers. If you are a vegetarian or have special dietary requirements, be sure to tell us far in advance so we can make arrangements. All campers eat meals at the same time in the Mess Hall. This is a great time to bond with your own group and catch up with friends in other groups.
All five daily prayers will be held in congregation and all campers are required to attend.
The following items are prohibited:
  • Cell phones
  • Shaving cream
  • CD players
  • Walkmans, radios
  • Portable TVs
  • Drugs
  • Alcohol
  • Cigarettes, lighters,
  • weapons (including pocket knives), water guns
If these items are found, they will be immediately confiscated. This is to ensure a safe environment for all campers. If cell phones are brought to camp, they must be checked in with the counselor who will keep the phone for the camper. The camper may request to use the phone ONLY to call his/her parents.
At the waterfront, trained lifeguards are on duty. In order to swim in the lake, you must first pass a swimming test. To canoe, you do not have to take the swimming test, however you must wear a life preserver. Canoeing is fun, and easy to learn. So don’t worry! At camp you will learn several new activities, InshaAllah.
Campers may request that they are in the same group as a friend, but there is absolutely no guarantee. Once you submit your form, you accept that you may not be in the same group as a specific friend. This is really a great opportunity to meet new people!
There is either one or two campfires during the week. In the past, this has been a favorite of campers and staff alike. Mini Olympics is a half-day event that allows campers to take part in athletic and non-athletic activities such as the ice cream eating contest, the izzy dizzy race, and the obstacle course. There are team and individual activities. The Talent Show is in the evening on Friday night. During the show, the younger groups perform skits and sing songs related to Islam and Camp.
Fajr 5:30am
Breakfast 8:00am
Cleanup 8:30am
Inspection 9:15am
General Assembly 9:30am
Team Building 10:15am
Archery 11:30am
Lunch 1:00pm
Dhur 1:45pm
Waterfront 2:00pm
Educational Workshop 3:15pm
Sports 4:40pm
Asr 6:00pm
Group Time
Game Time/Snacks
At the last page of the camper registration form. You will see a button labeled as "Submit & Pay". Click to submit the form and start the payment process.
You will be re-directed to PayPal website. On the bottom of the page, you will a button labeled as "Pay with Debit or Credit Card", use that to checkout as a guest. screenshot_paycredit